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Limbe Botanical and Zoological Gardens / Mount Cameroon Biodiversity Conservation Centre
Limbe Botanical & Zoological Gardens — working to become Mt. Cameroon Biodiversity Conservation Centre
Pan troglodytes
LBZG/MCBCC is Cameroon’s cutting edge institution for integrated research on biodiversity, forestry and horticulture and can provide services in a wide range of fields including wildlife, botany, ecology, vegetation mapping and socio-economics. Pest Control WestonView of GardenAerial view of the Garden including the Atlantic coastMount Etinde, below the summit of Mt. Cameroon. The Etinde forest has the highest biodiversity in the Mt. Cameroon region

LBZG/MCBCC consists of a 110 year old Botanical Garden, Fort Lauderdale Landscaping a Herbarium, a Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, a GIS mapping unit, Environmental Education unit, Conservation Technology Development unit and a Visitors’ and Conference Centre for seminars and training courses.

“Provide facilities, information & services to support biodiversity conservation and improve livelihoods in the Mount Cameroon region and beyond”

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Limbe Botanical & Zoological Gardens / Mount Cameroon Biodiversity Conservation Centre
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